Inner Court

In 1941, storage sheds were built to fulfill Ward Melville’s pledge to provide the same size property for businesses as they had in the old village. D.T. Bayles Lumber Yard was this case. They were the largest business in the old village.

By 1986, the storage sheds were deteriorated. The Stony Brook Community Fund, now the Ward Melville Heritage Organization (WMHO)’s trustees were faced with a challenging decision: rip down the buildings or renovate them. They chose to renovate. The initial buildings are still there – the roofs were raised and the siding was replaced and expanded. Restaurants and shops now fill Inner Court, and it was completed in 1987. (Continue to Educational and Cultural Center behind Inner Court.)

Stony Brook Village Audio Experience
  1. Three Village Inn
  2. Three Village Inn Exterior
  3. Three Village Inn Interior
  4. Three Village Inn Interior – The University Room
  5. Jazz Loft
  6. Stony Brook Fire Department
  7. Post Office
  8. Inner Court
  9. Dogwood Hollow
  10. Market Square