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Three Village Inn

The Three Village Inn is a historic establishment that offers lodging – 21 overnight accommodations - both at the main house and in cottages, as well as Mirabelle Restaurant & Tavern (a 250 seat restaurant), serving Executive Chef Guy Reuge’s “fresh-meets-French cuisine”. Listen to all of the Three Village Inn ‘stops’ for a special treat!

Stony Brook Village Audio Experience
  1. The Hercules Pavilion
  2. The Hercules Figurehead
  3. The Polaris Expedition & the Death of Commander Hall
  4. The Fate of the Polaris Expedition
  5. Three Village Inn
  6. Three Village Inn Exterior
  7. Three Village Inn Interior
  8. Three Village Inn Interior – The University Room
  9. Jazz Loft
  10. Stony Brook Fire Department
  11. Post Office
  12. Inner Court
  13. Dogwood Hollow
  14. Market Square