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Erene V Botkin, Mr. Daniel Botkin, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Howind, Ireland-Gannon Associates, Inc, Mrs. Elinore Minuse, North Shore Nursery Tree and Landscaping, Inc, Gloria and Richard Rocchio, Kevin Seaman, Esq. and William and Helen Voorhest

Erene V Botkin and Mr. Daniel Botkin - 

Daniel Botkin is a scientist who studies life from a planetary perspective, a biologist who has helped solve major environmental issues, and a writer about nature.Well-known for his scientific contributions in ecology and the environment, he has also worked as a professional journalist and has degrees in physics, biology, and literature.A Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Daniel’s books and lectures show how our cultural legacy often dominates what we believe to be scientific solutions.

In addition to his career as an ecologist, Dr. Botkin has maintained a lifelong interest in folklore and folk music, serving on the board of directors of the Folklife Center of the Library of Congress from 2004 - 2010. “There is a connection,” Botkin explains of the seemingly disparate worlds. “ For starters, a lot of what is said about nature is folklore, not science.”

Daniel shares this plaque with his wife Erene V. Botkin. who was a financial planner.

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Howind -

William and Betty Howind were appreciators of art and nature who nurtured their passions by supporting the Long Island Museum of American Art, History and Carriages (LIM). Betty was also a devoted member of the North Suffolk Garden Club (NSGC), which since 1993 has maintained the Emma Lee Blackford Rockwell Herb Garden on the museum’s grounds. In 2017, NSGC funded the Betty and William F. Howind Memorial Garden at LIM in honor of them and their service to the causes they held dear.

Ireland-Gannon Associates, Inc. -

Ireland Gannon was a landscaping company that provided services for residential and commercial properties. It was instrumental in the design of this park’s first restoration.

Mrs. Elinore Minuse - 

Formerly Elinore Russell Dickerson, was the wife of T. Bayles Minuse. She was born in 1909 and died in 2002 at 93 years old. She is survived by her daughter, Cynthia, who still resides in Stony Brook.

North Shore Nursery Tree and Landscaping, Inc. -

North Shore Tree and Landscaping is one of the first Long Island tree care companies to be accredited with the Tree Care Industry Association, a network of 2300 tree care firms and affiliated businesses. The company is known for its high industry standards and commitment to safety and integrity. Its team of New York State certified arborists have been at the forefront of tree care preservation and unique landscaping creations since 1969.

Gloria and Richard Rocchio -

Richard and Gloria Rocchio both found Stony Brook Village separately then found each other. When they married the only place, they ever wanted to live was Stony Brook Village and they’ve been happy here ever since.

Kevin Seaman, Esq. -

Kevin Seaman Esq., is a former trustee of the Stony Brook Community Fund (now Ward Melville Heritage Organization). A graduate of Boston University and Fordham Law, he is an attorney with Pelletreau & Pelletreau of Patchogue.

William and Helen Voorhest -

William E. Voorhest, born January 25, 1922, in St. Augustine, FL, passed away on November 12, 2009. He was a former Grumman VP and a descendant of original Dutch settlers of Long Island. Bill joined Grumman Aircraft in 1941, working his way up after serving in World War II. He played a key role in assembling the Lunar Module for Apollo 11 and later contributed to the development of the F-14 "Tomcat."

Bill also served as Operations Manager in Iran and contributed to constructing the wings of the first space shuttle orbiter, the "Columbia." He retired in 1987 as Vice-President of Security and Corporate Services after 46 years of service, receiving congratulations from President Reagan.

Helen Daly Voorhest, 87, of St. Augustine, passed away on July 14, 2010, at her home.

Born in Roosevelt, N.Y., she grew up in a family of seven children, following her father's work with Eastern Airlines along the East Coast. She married William "Bill" Voorhest in 1942, supporting him during his Navy service in the Pacific. Bill credited Helen for their successful life together.

Survived by her children, she was a patriot, devoted wife, and mother, leaving a lasting impact on those whose lives she touched.

T. Bayles Minuse Mill Pond Park - Beyond the Plaque
  1. Countess Nadia de Navarro-Farber
  2. Harrison C. Frisenda
  3. Anne Koslow
  4. Gene Mundie
  5. Margaret Swain
  6. Bill and Agnes McGunnigle
  7. Ellen Rappaport
  8. Marty & Lil
  9. Dr. Natalie Assalone Nizza
  10. T. Bayles Minuse
  11. Erene V Botkin, Mr. Daniel Botkin, Mr. and Mrs. William F. Howind, Ireland-Gannon Associates, Inc, Mrs. Elinore Minuse, North Shore Nursery Tree and Landscaping, Inc, Gloria and Richard Rocchio, Kevin Seaman, Esq. and William and Helen Voorhest
  12. Thomas Cascino
  13. Senator James J. Lack
  14. Jeremy Van Bemmelen
  15. Pindar Vineyards, North Fork Bank, TriMax Biosciences and John Kanas
  16. Dr. Magdalene Vardaros
  17. Mary F. Campbell